About Rebill

Rebill is the fastest recurring billing solution for fast-growing SMEs ever made in Latin America. Merchants can start selling subscriptions with a pre-made "plug-and-play" payment page and manage their global financial processes from a single place.

Rebill is the fastest recurring billing solution ever made in Latin America. It is a financial automation and integration platform as a service (iPaaS). It provides merchants a unique control panel and an API (programmatic environment), as well as pre-made payment pages so that they can sell online in various regions in a few minutes and without having to deal with technical processes. Rebill is the plug and play solution for companies that use multiple systems (CRM, ERP, etc.) and want to connect them.

Rebill automates the administrative work of the business, stores customer information, including non-sensitive card information and subscription information. In addition, it manages subscription collection recurrence, card expiration tracking, and automatic collection retries to avoid delays and ensure a predictable revenue model. Provides flexibility to integrate multiple cloud services such as CRM (for customer management) or ERP (for enterprise management), change providers, banks, or payment gateways, without losing information and in a matter of minutes. Also, Rebill gives enterprise-level support included to all the customers, with SLAs of less than 24 hours.

Rebill is a Recurring Payment solution and a Payment Method global integrator, that connects businesses with financial institutions, customer management systems, and their own infrastructures. Rebill offers flexibility to change suppliers as banking institutions or payment gateways, without losing information. Plus, all it's done in a matter of minutes.

What can I manage with Rebill?

You can manage subscriptions, payments, personalized information, automatic notifications (using email templates), etc. Keeping your brand always in sight to generate trust in your customers.
Rebill allows you to see the necessary information of your clients, stores their personal information and non-sensitive information of cards and subscriptions.

Why is Rebill the solution to subscription problems?

Rebill guarantees a good administration of the subscriptions because it gives you the possibility to see their information, edit them, see the payments made and the status of each one; apply discounts for each subscription; perform activations, suspensions or cancellations, etc. In addition, Rebill tracks card expiration and automatic payment retries to avoid defaults. Everything from a single place of easy and quick access for the users of your organization.

How can I grow my business in other regions?

Rebill makes it easy for merchants to scale internationally through a control panel, API (programmatic environment) and pre-built payment pages that automatically detect the region and intelligently adjust the price in local currency so they can sell online in multiple regions, integrating the financial institutions and payment gateways they want. With Rebill, businesses can integrate multiple services in the cloud such as CRM (for customer management), or ERP (for business management), as well as local billing systems, among others.