Access the WooCommerce plugin log

To access the plugin log, you must first check if the plugin was already active.

For this, you must go to the administrator (BackOffice) > “plugins” > “Rebill Subscription for WooCommerce” > “configure”.

At the end of the plugin configuration, you will find this checkbox, which must be checked to activate the LOG:


Once this condition has been verified, you must enter via FTP or FileManager – in the CPanel – to the following path and download the LOG corresponding to the required date:


In some versions of the plugin, it can possibly be found in the following path:


If the plugin had updates, the old logs will no longer be available in the mentioned routes, and will be backed up in the following one:



The LOG of the plugin should not be kept active for a long time. It is recommended to keep it active for up to 15 days (it depends on the visits and sales flow). If the error does not persist, you should disable it, make a backup and delete the old log files.