Checkout Landing

A customizable and ready-to-use checkout landing, optimized to improve your customer’s payment experience.

Instead of going through in-house development, Rebill lets you create your own no-code checkout landings in just a few clicks.

Main benefits

With Rebill's checkout landing...

  • Save money. You can start using it instantly, saving time and development costs.

  • Convert. Designed to simplify user experience, by reducing payment friction.

  • Customize. You can adapt it to your brand identity and customize the requested data, price, currency and the gateway that will process the payments of that specific product.

  • Sell ​​regionally. The same product can be sold in different countries, prices, currencies and payment gateways, with an exclusive checkout landing for each case.


Rebill's checkout landing.

How to create your checkout landing?

You're just a couple of clicks away from your first checkout landing.

  1. In the “products” section, click on “create product” and then choose a name and a description (what your customers will see at checkout to identify that product or service).

  2. Click on “detail” and create a price for your product (“create price” button). You can create all the prices you need, even in multiple currencies.

  3. Then, you must select the price type, being "single" for one-time charges, "cyclic" for a predefined number of payments and "recurring" for subscriptions.

  4. If you choose a "recurring" price, you must set the frequency for the automatic debits. If you choose "cyclic", specify the number of payments and their frequency.

  5. Finally, you must select a payment gateway, add a description to the price and choose the currency.

  6. Click on “create link” to configure the information you will request to your customers at checkout, in addition to setting up a success page.

Done! You can preview the checkout landing by going to “open link”.

How to create different prices for the same product?

Within each product, you can repeat the process to create more than one checkout landing (“create price” button) and link them to different prices, currencies and payment gateways. When would it be useful?


An insurance company established in Colombia wants to sell a life insurance policy in Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

As a first step, the insurance company creates a new product, adding the name “life insurance” and the description “life insurance with coverage up to $100,000”. An automatic debit will be made every 30 days.

Next, the company create the prices of its product:

  • Price 1: insurance company creates a recurring price to be processed with dLocal gateway in Colombia for $430,000 COP.

  • Price 2: insurance company creates a recurring price to be processed with dLocal gateway in Chile for $90,240 CLP.

  • Price 3: insurance company creates a recurring price to be processed with the dLocal gateway in Argentina for $13,266 ARS.


Your checkout landing URL is linked with your organization alias, asi you can see in the example:

This means that if this URL changes, your alias (the same one you use to log in) will automatically change as well, so you should start accessing Rebill with this new alias.

Callback URLs

In addition to the checkout Landing, you can use callback URLs at Rebill so your customers "return" to a successful purchase page after they have made a purchase.

You just have to edit your checkout (click on “edit link”) and add the success page link in the “add success URL” field.

Also, you can set customized query params in your callback url: “subscription_id” and “payment_id”, whose values will be autocompleted with the subscription ID and the payment ID generated by the previously successful transaction.

Now, we give you a examples of how configure correctly this query params:

  • Remember to replace “” with your URL.

Rebill's "Generate Link" form.