A unified dashboard to track and follow the most relevant metrics about your collections.

Follow and analyze the different KPIs related to your collections and subscriptions, in a dashboard that unifies the metrics of all your payment gateways (instead of entering each of them separately).


From your Rebill dashboard, you can see the evolution over time (line graphs) of your…

Success payments. Payments successfully processed.

Created clients. New customers who signed purchased a product or signed up to a subscription.

Refunded payments. Payments that were refunded to their respective customers.

Rejected payments. Payments not successfully completed.

Recurrent subscriptions. Customers subscribed to a recurring service (payment is made daily, monthly or in the frequency you define).

One-time payments. Single payments (for a specific product / service sale, which is paid only once).

Cyclic subscriptions. Sales made by cyclic payments (a certain number of payments in a given period of time.


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