All email notifications sent from your Rebill account are HTML compliant, with a few simple style changes you can customize it to match your brand. We have a collection of editable templates. For example, informing the customer of the successful charge on their card, welcoming a subscription, among others.

Each template consists of a combination of HTML marks and expressions identifiable by double braces. Expressions are properties that belong to objects and whose content will be modified by email.

Property management

Templates have access to different properties. For example, the welcome template for a subscription can use objects called subscription and customer that have properties that describe the customer and the requested subscription. You can use dot notation to extract information from the object.o.


Hello {{customer.firstName}} {{customer.lastName}

A new subscription with the name {{subscription.title}} has been created.

List of objects and their properties

The Customer object

Contains the customer's information.

Available Properties:

idintegerid asignado cuando se crea
firstNamestringprimer nombre
lastNamestringprimer apellido
emailstringcorreo electrónico
phone_areacodestringcódigo de area
phone_numberintegernumero de teléfono
personalID_typestringtipo de documento
personalID_numberintegernumero de documento
address_streetstringnombre de calle
address_numberintegernumero de calle
address_floorstringnumero de piso
address_aptstringnumero o nombre de apartamento
address_zipcodestringcódigo postal

The Subscription object

Contains the subscription's information.

Available Properties:

idintegerassigned id when created
plan_idintegerid del plan
statusstringestado actual
titlestringtitulo asignado
frequency_typestringtipo de frecuencia
frequencyintegernumero de la frecuencia
personalID_numberintegernumero de documento
repetitionsintegernumero de repeticiones
currentRepetitionintegerrepeticiones restante
free_trial_frequency_typestringtipo de frecuencia
free_trial_frequencyintegernumero de la frecuencia
transaction_amountfloatmonto a cancelar
next_process_datestringfecha próxima de pago
currency_idintegerid de moneda

The Card object

Contains the customer's card information.

Available Properties:

expiration_monthintegerid asignado
expiration_yearintegerid del plan
first_six_digitsstringestado actual
payment_method_namestringtitulo asignado
payment_method_type_idstringtipo de frecuencia
thumbnailstringnumero de la frecuencia
secure_thumbnailstringnumero de documento
issuer_namestringnumero de repeticiones
cardholder_namestringrepeticiones restante
cardholder_identification_numberstringtipo de frecuencia
cardholder_identification_typestringnumero de la