How can your customers pay in installments?

From your Rebill checkout landing, you can offer your customers the possibility of paying by installments.

Keep in mind that you offer just the possibility of paying this way: the installment plan – if it exists – will be in charge of the card provider.

The installments will be shown automatically at checkout if the payment gateway reports an installment plan exists.



So that your client can pay by installments, you must consider that…

  • It must be a single price, which means that the installments do not apply to cyclical or recurring payments.

  • The installments only work with dLocal and Mercado Pago, so the first thing you should do is integrate at least one of these gateways.

How to activate installments in your checkout landing?

  1. First of all, go to the “gateways” section and integrate one of the payment gateways mentioned above.

  2. Access the “products” section and create a new product. Within the product, create a new “unique” price (selecting it after clicking on “create price”).

  3. Click on “create link” and configure the data you will request to your customers in the checkout landing.

Done! In the case the payment gateway reports an installment plan, a drop-down list will be displayed automatically, and the customer must select an option (even if it is the option of 1 installment).

When the payment is done, its result will be reported on the next screen, including the installment plan.


Example: payment in 6 installments successfully approved.

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