Payment Gateways

Start charging with Stripe, Mercado Pago and dLocal in just a few clicks.

The first step after registering and setting your organization address is to integrate the gateways that will process your payments.

Remember you can instantly incorporate the main regional gateways (Stripe, Mercado Pago and dLocal) and then choose which one to charge with.

Why is it important to charge with more than one gateway?

Using one single platform, with Rebill you can charge with multiple gateways, which for you and your organization means…

  • More conversion rate. Provide more options to your customers and increase your sales by accepting the main payment methods per country.

Payment methods processed by country.

  • Better approval rate. Get a payment approval rate up to 90% with gateways that guarantee security and trust all over the region.

  • Multi-country and multi-currency. Process payments in more than 10 countries and currencies in Latin America, even without being established in each country.


Currencies processed by country.

How to integrate your payment gateways?

  1. Access the "gateways" section on the upper right drop-down menu.
  1. Select a gateway and click on “add”.
  1. Fill in the requested data and click "OK".

You will be required to enter a Public and Private key provided by each gateway.

Done! You can start creating your products and collecting payments all over Latin America.

Keep in mind that the "description" field must include data that help you identify each gateway.

For example: if you add Mercado Pago with the credentials of an argentine account, you could name it “MP Argentina”. Later, if you add another Mercado Pago account with colombian credentials, you could name it “MP Colombia”.

In this way, when creating your prices and products, it becomes easier to identify which payment gateway you must use.