Payments 2

The "payments" section lets you view all your payments’ details.


You can easily manage Payments in Rebill! On the Payment's page you will see a Board containing all info on Payments.

Payment status

The Payment/Collection statuses are taken from the response given by the MercadoPago API ater processing them.

These are the possible states of a Collection:

  • Approved - accredited: When the payment is approved and credited at the time of payment.
  • Approved - in_process: Approval is pending up to 72 hours, depending on the payment method, usually Visa takes longer. The charge may then be approved. There are few cases that the payment is rejected after that period of time.
  • Rejected - cc_rejected_blacklist: The payment could not be processed, since the customer's email or card is on the Mercado Pago "blacklist".
  • Rejected - cc_rejected_insufficient_amount: The payment method (payment_method_id) does not have enough funds, so it is rejected.
  • Rejected - cc_rejected_high_risk: The payment is rejected by the Mercado Pago fraud engine. You must change the customer's email and try to process the subscription again, if it is not enough to choose another means of payment.
  • Rejected - cc_rejected_call_for_authorize: Payment method authorization (payment_method_id) is required for subscription/fee payment
  • Rejected - cc_rejected_other_reason: Rejected for other reasons. This can be fixed by completing more customer details before attempting to process the charge again.
    - Refunded - refunded: The payment is refunded only by the action of the merchant, this status cannot be generated without the action of an intermediary. You can do this by entering the dashboard by clicking on the peso sign next to the payment, performing the action of reimbursing via API from the refound a payment endpoint or from your MercadoPago account, making the return of the payment.

All status changes and notifications of new collections will arrive from the payments webhook. Once the refund is made, you will receive a notification via webhook again with the change in payment status.
In order for there to be a higher rate of approval of collections, it is recommended that the address and telephone fields be left enabled from the dashboard so that more information is sent via API to Mercado Pago.

Managae Collections or Payments from Customers

From the Collections section of your control panel you will quickly access the information on each of your collections. Specifically you will see:

  • Mercado Pago ID: the payment gateway collection identifier, in this case Mercado Pago.
  • Customer: your custome'rs name. If you click it you will access its view.
  • Status: if it is approved, pending or rejected and its reason.
  • Payment method: the card with which your client paid and the last 4 digits of it.
  • Amount: the amount charged and in what currency.
  • Title: it is related to the plan or subscription paid by your client.
  • Subscription: is the ID of the subscription associated with the charge. If you press it you will access the subscription view to manage it individually.
  • Date: is the exact day on which the payment was processed.

In some cases automation might be insufficient, and you will need to process one-time payments.
At Rebill we also help you with this.

  1. Click on Create collection that you will find in the upper right part of your screen.
  2. Select the client and press Continue. If you haven't created it yet, you can do it from the Clients section.
  3. Define the amount to be charged, a description and the installments. If you are looking for a single payment, then choose 1.
  4. Press Continue.
  5. Select your customer's card. If you have only one, it will be pre-selected automatically. Press Continue.
  6. Review the summary and if everything is ok, press Finish.

Exporting Collections to a .CSV file

Managing your collections is important. Keeping track of these in an Excel spreadsheet helps you stay organized and review everything more easily.

You can export all your Collections on Rebill to a CSV file, You can see the payment status on a Customer, their MercadoPago ID, the amount to be charged, the collection date, and more.

Not only that, you can apply filters to download, for example, only the clients of the same subscription and not the entire list of clients and charges.

  1. After signing into your Rebill account, you can find the Charges section in the main menu. Where you can see this spreadsheet with each charge and its details.
  2. You can apply one or more filters, such as dates or subscriptions, among others.
  3. Click on the top right on the Export CSV button.