Create and manage any kind of product, with multiple payment modalities and frequencies.

What products can you manage with Rebill?

  • One-time. Products or services that can be sold in a unique transaction or payment.

  • Cyclic. Products or services that can be purchased in several payments, in a given period of time (for example: 3 payments debited in the next 3 months).

  • Recurring. Products or services whose payment is recurring, so the debit is made – as often as you want – until the customer cancels the subscription (for example: in a monthly subscription, the payment is debited every month, but it can also be quarterly, annual, etc).

Do you need to create all these options for the same product, because you want to sell it in different ways or give more options to your customers? You can also do it with Rebill.

Product structure

First of all, you must know how a product is structured. It is composed of the following elements:

  • Product. The product / service you want to offer.

  • Price. Within each product, you can create different prices (in different currencies), choosing whether the payment is made in a single, cyclical or recurring way.

  • Checkout landing. Each price will have its own checkout landing, with a payment link and a specific callback URL (if you set it to be so).

  • Payment gateway. Each checkout landing is linked to the gateway you want to process payments with.


Example of a product structure.

How to create a product?

  1. In the “products” section, click on “create product” and then choose a name and a description (what your customers will see at checkout to identify that product or service).

  2. Click on “detail” and create a price for your product (“create price” button). You can create all the prices you need, even in multiple currencies.

  3. Then, you must select the price type, being "single" for one-time charges, "cyclic" for a predefined number of payments and "recurring" for subscriptions.

  4. If you choose a "recurring" price, you must set the frequency for the automatic debits. If you choose "cyclic", specify the number of payments and their frequency.

  5. Finally, you must select a payment gateway, add a description to the price and choose the currency.

  6. Click on “create link” to configure the information you will request to your customers at checkout, in addition to setting up a success page (callback URL).

Done! You can preview the checkout landing by clicking on “open link”.

You can also repeat this process as many times as you want to create different prices within each product, in case you want to sell it in many countries or establish more than one subscription option.


The same product can be sold with different prices, currencies and payment gateways.