First Steps in Rebill

Create your user account in Rebill, get started with one of our plans, and set up your account to start operating by adding your first payment gateway and creating your first product.

  1. Click on "sign up" on our homepage and enter your name, last name, email, and select a password for your account.
  1. In the next step, enter your organization name, also adding your logo and customized URL that you will use for your checkout landings and links.
  1. Tell us more about your company, such as its business legal name, business type, organization address, and estimated annual revenue.
  1. Choose one of our plans: the “Core” plan (with a set price and the features described below) or book a Demo with us to find the best plan for your business, tailored to your specific needs (you can also do it here).
  1. Enter your card details to pay for the selected plan and confirm your subscription in Rebill: after this step, you are ready to start using Rebill!
  1. Remember that Rebill connects you with multiple payment gateways and, therefore, with more than 140 payment methods in Latin America: add your first payment gateway.
  1. Enter the credentials of the chosen payment gateway.

8 Create your first product. Remember that, with Rebill, you can create and manage multiple products, be they one-time, cyclic, or subscriptions (with customized payment frequency, price, and currency, and even connecting a different gateway to each product): learn how products and prices work in Rebill.


Ready to get started! Go to the Rebill dashboard (you'll see the option on the screen) and start enjoying all of Rebill features.