Sell ​​subscription products and manage your recurring charges with Rebill.

One of the many products you can create and manage with Rebill, which has one main quality: its payment is recurring, so it is debited with a certain frequency and persists until your customer (subscriber) cancels the subscription.


A subscription is a recurring payment product or service (such as Spotify and Netflix, for example), which brings new benefits to your business:

  • Long lasting bond. Instead of being just a sale, it is the beginning of a long and lasting bond with your customers. Your biggest challenge: maintaining and managing it.

  • More predictability. As it is a long-term bond with your users, with recurring payments made in a certain frequency, planning your revenue and growth becomes easier.

  • Better retention rate. In the subscription industry, 65% of users remain subscribed after a year. Meanwhile, the retention rate in e-commerce after 3 months is less than 5%.

We have good news: you can create and manage any subscription product with Rebill!

How to create a subscription?

Follow these steps to create a new subscription product:

  1. In the “products” section, click on “create product” and then choose a name and a description (what your customers will see at checkout to identify that product or service).

  2. Click on “detail” and create a price for your product (“create price” button). You can create all the prices you need, even in multiple currencies.

  3. Then, in the price type, select "recurrent".

  4. Set the frequency with which automatic debits will be made. For example: if you want it to be monthly, select "months" and enter the number 1 in "billing period."


Setting a monthly subscription product.

  1. Click on the ckeckbox bellow if you want to customize the debit date. If so, select the day of the month to be charged and if you want the first payment to be made totally (total debit), proportionally (proportional debit) or without an initial charge (no initial charge). More information about debit date.
  1. Finally, you must select a payment gateway, add a description to the price and choose the currency.

Done! Your subscription is ready, with its checkout landing and payment link.

How to create different plans for the same subscription?

The same subscription product can be associated with multiple plans or levels, each with its own price, checkout landing or payment gateway. How can you do it?

You just have to click on “create price” and repeat the previous process, assigning in this case a different price.

In this way, you will see the different plans reflected within the same product.


Different plans for the same subscription product.

On the other hand, if you sell the same subscription product in different countries, you can also set different prices and currencies for each subscription plan.